123.Hp.Com/Dj2542 Setup And Installation

All information necessary to work on with the HP Deskjet 2542 printer are available at 123.hp.com/dj2542. It is a good model for users who are looking for a solid photo printer. You can easily connect it to PC and start printing. The prints come out of the printer is quite professional which can be used to print occasional formal letters.


123.Hp.Com/Dj2542 Setup And Unboxing

  • Take a glance at the steps provided below and do the unboxing procedure for your 123.hp.com/dj2542 printer easily.

  • Unwrap the printer and eliminate the packing materials from it and other hardware.

  • If your printer has a duplexer, place it properly in the provided slots.

  • Subsequently, install the ink cartridges for your printer.

  • Place enough number of paper in the input tray. Affirm that the papers you have placed are free from wrinkles and curls.

  • Now you have to set the software for the printer and make access the feature.

  • Follow the prompts to install the latest driver on your computer.

  • It can be either Windows or Mac computer.

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Latest 123.Hp.Com/Dj2542 Driver And Manual Download

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123 HP Deskjet 2542 User Guide

  • Get all the tip- to- technique required for your printer in the user guide. You can get the necessary instructions for both the 123.hp.com/dj2542 setup and troubleshooting. If you lost your user guide which is provided along with the printer, you can download the user manual from the below link.


123 HP Deskjet 2542 Driver Download Windows

  • The latest driver is the secret of accessing the printer feature and get best results out of your printer. Make sure that the driver you are about to install suits the computer’s operating system which you are using.

  • You need a manual in order to setup the 123.hp.com/2542 printer and start working on it.


123 HP Deskjet 2542 Printer Driver Download Mac

  • Get the correct and latest driver for your printer which is compatible for Mac computer. The file format of the setup file will be in .Dmg..

  • Click on it, trail the prompts, and launch the setup file.

  • Once the 123.hp.com/dj2542 installation is finished, start using the printer.

123 HP Deskjet 2542 Driver Installation

123 HP Deskjet 2542 Driver Installation Windows

  • Make use of any one of the below steps to install the driver on your computer. You can install it from website 123.hp.com/dj2542 or use the installation CD that is provided by your manufacturer.

  • The first method is the easiest method. Just place the installation CD on the disc driver and trail the prompts.

  • Run the setup file and get it installed on the desired location on your computer.

  • Click on the link provided in the website 123.hp.com/2542 if you’d like to get the driver.

  • Make sure that you are installing the printer driver that suits your model number. Once it is found, use the prompts to complete the installation.

123 HP Deskjet 2542 Driver Installation Mac

  • Like Windows operating system, you have two method for downloading and installing the printer driver for Mac. One is downloading from the website 123.hp.com/dj2542 and another is using the CD.

  • The file format of the setup file you install on your Mac computer is .dmg format.

  • Place the disc after scrutinizing that no scratches are present and then close the disc drive.

  • Let it run and install it to the location where you want it to be.

  • Check our the website 123-hp-com.com, key in the model number HP Deskjet 2542, look for the driver, and install it using the prompts.

123 HP Deskjet 2542 Wireless Setup

123 HP Deskjet 2542 Wireless Setup Windows

  • Read the Wireless printer setup instructions and initiate the connection without depending on anybody.

  • Select the connection type as Wireless, and then proceed. Once the connection is on progress, you have to install the driver.

  • After you switch on the computer and the router, check whether both are linked to the same wireless network. Switch on the printer and keep all the three devices closer.

  • Make sure that no cables are linked to the printer’s end. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard option to start and maintain the network connection.

  • Once it is done, you have to search for the correct 123.hp.com/dj2542 printer driver on your Windows computer.

123 HP Deskjet 2542 Wireless Setup Mac

  • Follow the wireless connection procedure for the Mac computer and know how to initiate and maintain the connection.

  • When you wish to establish the network connection you should know the network’s name and password. So it can be keyed in, if necessary.

  • Place the computer and the wireless router on. After you power on the printer, place all the three of them closer. Check if the printer and the computer with the same wireless connection.

  • Select with the Wireless Setup Wizard to start and maintain the network connection effortlessly.

  • Go on with the correct 123.hp.com/dj2542 printer driver and install it on the computer to initiate the print function.

HP Printer Provide Solution For Deskjet 2542?

123 HP Deskjet 2542 How To Print Photos (Windows)

  • You can easily print the photos from Windows operating system using the guidelines provided below.

  • The best way to get good print quality is to make use of the correct paper type and customize the correct print job settings.

  • Feed enough amount of paper in the paper tray and then drag the tray in.

  • Do the required changes to the settings before you print. Select Windows Photo Viewer or Paint, tap on Print, and then go on with the Document properties to access more layout.

  • Once you are done with all the modifications, tap on Ok, and then select the 123.hp.com/dj2542 Print option.

123 HP Deskjet 2542 How To Scan (Windows)

  • The scan job can be successful only if the correct 123.hp.com/dj2542 printer driver is installed on the Windows computer. Verify if the computer has the HP Scan Software in the installed program list.

  • The document whose scan you want to take is to kept in the ADF tray or on the scanner glass. Place it based on the engraved marks present.

  • Search for the HP option and choose your printer name to access the HP Printer Assistant.

  • Click the Scan a Document or Photo option and access the HP Scan.

  • Choose the shortcut and tap on Scan after performing necessary changes to the settings.

123 HP Deskjet 2542 How To Print On Both Sides Of The Paper

  • Printing on both the sides of paper lets you reduce the cost spent on paper.

  • It is good to place enough blank paper in the tray to prevent the page ordering issues.

  • Select file, tap on Properties and then choose the Two sided option. Choose the binding or page flip option liable to your preference.

  • Click Ok and Print. Remove the first side from the tray and place the 123.hp.com/dj2542 printed side in the input tray.

  • Click on continue and hold on until the other side of the page gets printed.

123 HP Deskjet 2542 How To Check Ink Or Toner Levels

  • The 123.hp.com/dj2542 ink level of the HP printer is checked to substitute it before the entire ink cartridge gets dried out.

  • Utilize the printer software to calculate the ink level for both Windows and Mac computers. These software has printer management software that displays the ink or toner level.

  • You can also install the HP applications to check the ink cartridge.

  • Get this application installed on your device.

  • For 123.hp.com/dj2542 queries, give us a ring on the number displayed on the screen.