123.Hp.Com/Dj3777 Printer Setup

123.hp.com/dj3777 offers WiFi, so it can be shared in a micro office or at home in the dual role of home and home-office printer. Paper handling is limited to 80 sheet tray. Being compatible with Wireless network, HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint features can be used. Both mono and color cartridges are compatible with this HP Deskjet 3777 printer. Compact and easy to relocate.


123 HP Deskjet 3777 Unboxing Setup

  • Take out the 123.hp.com/dj3777 printer from the box. Discard all the packing materials from the interior and exterior of the shipment box.

  • Now, link one end of the power cable to the rear of the printer and the other end to the electrical socket. Then, switch on the printer.

  • Unlock the ink cartridge access door. Halt a minute for it to be inactive. Take out the new ink cartridges from the package.

  • Hold the handles of the ink cartridges to insert them into their respective slots. Shove the ink cartridges until they fix into place.

  • Load the paper into the input tray by pulling it towards you. Once the alignment page is printed, install the 123.hp.com/dj3777 printer software.

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Latest 123 HP Deskjet 3777 Driver And Manual Download

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123 HP Setup 3777 User Guide

  • You will be able to easily download the user manual from our website 123-hp-com.com for easy reference.

  • The user manual contains all the details regarding the printer’s hardware and the software used in it.


123 HP Setup 3777 Windows

  • You can install the Deskjet 3777 driver and software from the software installation CD available in the printer’s package.

  • Avail the latest version of the driver and software for the Deskjet 3777 printer from our website.


123 HP Setup 3777 Mac

  • Use Apple Software update to upgrade the Deskjet 3777 printer driver and software for a Mac.

  • You can also download the upgraded and appropriate version from our 123.hp.com/dj3777 website.

123 HP Deskjet 3777 Driver Installation

123 HP Setup 3777 Windows

  • Use a software installation CD to install the 123.hp.com/dj3777 printer driver in the system. Place it on the computer’s disc drive.

  • In case the Autoplay feature is enabled, you will be able to view the list of files on the screen. If the list is not displayed, go to the drive folder to open it.

  • Choose the .exe setup file and then double-click it to start the installation process. Use the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

  • In case the installation fails, download the printer driver from our website. Key in the printer model and the operating system version.

  • Read all the instructions and follow them to complete the installation process. Choose the connection type based on the printer features.

123 HP Setup 3777


  • Make use of the software installation CD to install the printer driver on a Mac system. In case the system does not have CD drive, download the driver.

  • To download the 123.hp.com/dj3777 driver, you need to type the printer model number and version of the operating system.

  • You can view a list of available drivers on the screen. Select the compatible one from the list. Double-click it to commence the installation process.

  • After that, agree to the terms and conditions displayed on the screen. Select the Finish option to accomplish the driver installation.

  • Select the Add option to include the printer’s name to the print queue. After adding, try to print from the printer.

123 HP Deskjet 3777 Wireless Setup

123 HP Setup 3777 Windows

  • You should gather the network name and password for the connection. Now, switch on all the devices.

  • After confirming that the system and 123.hp.com/dj3777 printer are linked to the same wireless network, unplug the USB cable from the printer.

  • Tap the Wireless icon to configure the printer over a wireless network .with the help of Wireless Setup Wizard and then move to the next step.

  • When you view the Wireless Summary Screen, tap Settings->Wireless Settings->Wireless Setup Wizard.

  • You can view a list of instructions on the control panel. Make use of these instructions to configure the printer over a wireless network.

123 HP Setup 3777 Mac

  • Once you have gathered the details regarding the network connection, switch on the printer, the system and the router.

  • Verify whether the system and the printer is linked to the same wireless network and then remove the USB cable, if linked.

  • Choose the Wireless icon on the control panel of the printer. With the help of Wireless Setup Wizard, you can set up the printer over a network.

  • When you view a Wireless Summary screen, tap Settings->Wireless Settings->Wireless Setup Wizard.

  • Make use of the list of instructions to connect the 123.hp.com/dj3777 printer to the wireless network . Follow the prompts to install the software.

HP Printer Provide Solution For Deskjet 3777?

123 HP Deskjet 3777

How To Print Photos (Windows)

  • Your Windows system and your printer should be connected to the same wireless or wired network with an active Internet connection.

  • Check the cable and the lights on the printer’s Ethernet port, if your 123.hp.com/dj3776 printer is connected to a wired connection. The green link light should be steady.

  • The wireless icon light on the front of the printer should be on and not be blinking. Check the network connection if the light is blinking.

  • Open the Wi-Fi settings, on your system and make sure you are connected to your network. Open the document you want to print.

  • Press the Print icon. From the print preview screen, choose your printer. Change any print settings and then click Print.

123 HP Deskjet 3777

How To Scan (Windows)

  • Place the document in the document feeder slot. Search Windows for your printer model and choose your 123.hp.com/dj3776 printer name from the list of results.

  • Select Scan a Document and HP Scan window will open. Choose one of the shortcuts that will match the file type and resulting action you want.

  • Choose Show Scan Preview or Show Viewer After Scan to preview and make additional edits to the scan before saving it.

  • Click Scan and the printer will scan the file. The document will pass through the rollers and it will be scanned by the printer.

  • Save the file in the desired folder. This file can be emailed and the settings can also be altered as desired.

123 HP Deskjet 3777

How To Print On Both Sides Of The Paper (Windows)

  • Feed sufficient paper into the input tray. You need to open the document you intend to print. Select File and then choose Print.

  • Choose the 123.hp.com/dj3777 printer’s name. Select Printer Properties or Preferences based on the operating system version.

  • On the Document properties screen, choose the Print on both sides or Two- sided option.

  • In case a printing shortcut tab is not available, select the Layout, features or finishing tab based on the tab displayed.

  • Select the Print on both sides or two-sided printing option. Based on the readability, choose the binding page or page flip. Select OK -> Select print.

123 HP Deskjet 3777 How To Check Ink Or Toner Levels

  • Switch on the 123.hp.com/dj3777 printer. Ensure that it is in a ready state and is linked to the system. Make use of HP Solution Center screens to examine the ink level.

  • In a Mac system, select the Apple icon and then choose the System Preferences icon. Select the Printers and Scanners option.

  • Choose the name of the printer from the list of available devices. Select Options and Supplies option. Select the Supply level tab to view the ink level.

  • Use an HP Print and Scan Doctor tool(Windows) to view the ink level. On the screen, select the Supply levels to view the ink level.

  • On the system or mobile device, look for the HP Smart App in the Google Play Store. Click it and install them using the on-screen prompts for 123.hp.com/dj3777 printer.