123hpdrivers.com/officejet 4652 Setup and Install

Detailed instructions pertaining to operation and troubleshooting of HP Officejet 4652 can be obtained at 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652. Setting up the printer from the box package preceeds the driver installation. Setting up involves putting together the various components of the printer that are shipped separately. Connect the power cord to the printer and power on the device. Call our expert for detailed instructions. +1 (502) 289-5379 

123 HP Officejet 4652 Setup And Unboxing

  • Post-receiving the shipment, move it to a flat, hard counter where the package contents can be removed.

  • Remove the accessories which are the power cord, installation CD, user guide, and ink cartridges. Place them adjacent to the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 printer.

  • Remove the tapes stuck on the printer. This is to prevent the parts from dashing around during transport. The tapes on the paper tray are removed.

  • Remove the tapes present in the carriage. This is accessed by opening the cartridge access door. Extend the paper width markers.

  • Open the cartridges from their package, remove the tape and place them in their respective compartment. Lock the latch to secure them in place.

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Latest 123 HP Officejet 4652 Driver And Manual Download

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123 HP Setup 4652 User Guide

  • The user guide contains a complete set of instructions regarding the dos and don’ts of your printer. A detailed guidance regarding the printer’s operation with images are also attached to it.


123 HP Setup 4652 Windows

  • It is imperative that your 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 driver stays updated at all times. You can enjoy all the latest features.

  • Updating your HP Officejet 4652 printer driver will resolve issues caused by bugs and software glitches.


123 HP Setup 4652 Mac

  • Your driver update is possible by visiting the site you downloaded it from. Enable auto-update for ease of use.

  • If there exists a problem with updating the driver, download the latest version and install it.

123 HP Officejet 4652 Driver Installation

123 HP Setup 4652 Windows

  • The link specified on this website 123-hp-com.com should take you to the driver download page. Click and specify your printer model 123 HP Drivers  Officejet 4652.

  • Enter your operating system and click the download button. note that the driver software of Mac OS will not work on Windows.

  • Post-download, install the software following the on-screen instructions. You will be prompted to choose a directory for installation.

  • Choose your network connection mode and complete the installation. HP Driver Assistant can be used for installing the driver.

  • To receive personalized assistance from our experts regarding printer operation, call our 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 techie to speak with our experts +1 (502) 289-5379

123 HP Setup 4652


  • From your Mac operated computer, open the link specified on the website which takes you to the driver download window.

  • Enter your printer model and operating system and click the download button. The process will commence shortly.

  • A copy of the driver software is provided to you in the CD that comes with the box package.

  • Installation can be completed by following the steps mentioned on-screen. Choose your mode of network connection. Keep in mind that changing this would require you to reinstall the software.

  • Keep in mind that the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 driver software designed for a Mac OS is in .dmg format. Print a document to verify its working.

123 HP Officejet 4652 Wireless Setup

123 HP Setup 4652 Windows

  • Turn on your 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 printer and open the wireless option from its Control Panel. It will scan all the wireless networks and provide you with a list.

  • Choose the network that belongs to you and connect to it by entering the password.

  • Click the link specified in this website to download the driver software of your printer model. Choose the operating system as Windows and click download.

  • Proceed with the installation by following the on-screen instruction. You will be asked to choose a mode of network connection. Choose wireless.

  • This cannot be changed and would require you to reinstall the driver to connect using a different network.

123 HP Setup 4652


  • The process is similar to wireless set up of a Windows computer. Make sure your printer is ready to print.

  • Connect it to your computer via local area network. Your wireless router should help you with this.

  • Choose your network and connect both the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 printer and the computer the same network by entering the password.

  • The driver software can be downloaded by clicking the link specified in this website. Make sure to choose the driver with care and click Mac as your OS.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Choose wireless as your means of network connection. Print a document to confirm its working.

HP Printer Provide Solution For Officejet 4652?

123 HP officejet 4652

How To Print Photos (Windows)

  • The process involved in printing a photo is almost the same as printing a document. Simply, choose an image and click print.

  • To improve the quality of the photo, only use genuine HP photo papers. This will have a direct impact on the photo.

  • Make sure the paper tray is filled with enough papers to avoid interrupting the printing session to refill.

  • 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 Photo printing option allows you to choose Borderless option. Edit the image in photo editor for enhanced color effects.

  • Changes can be made to affect the output such as altering the grayscale, saturation, and resolution. Set them to the max for best benefits.

123 HP officejet 4652

How To Scan (Windows)

  • Before attempting to scan, understand that this function does not require the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 printer to expend ink unless attempted to perform copy function.

  • Place the document face down on the scanner glass after opening the lid. The document is carefully aligned with the sides.

  • Close the lid and press the scan button. This should take a while, after which the resulting document will be displayed in the computer.

  • You can choose between saving the file in PFD format or have it mailed to a predefined email address.

  • Scan settings can be accessed from the Control Panel. Speed and Resolution are few of the things that can be controlled.

123 HP officejet 4652

How To Print On Both Sides Of The Paper (Windows)

  • Choose a document with few pages in it and click the Print Options. This option can also be accessed directly from the Control Panel.

  • Choose Devices and Printer and choose Printer Properties or Print Preferences. Its printing attributes are displayed.

  • Look for Two-sided Printing or Printing on Both-sides or Duplex Printing option and check it.

  • Your 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 printer has been configured to print on both sides of the paper. Choose between landscape and portrait mode and click Print.

  • Your ADF will come into play, effectively turning the paper after printing has been completed on one side. Disable the duplexing option when you are done printing on both sides.

123 HP officejet 4652

How To Check Ink Or Toner Levels

  • Check the ink levels of the printer every now and then to make sure the ink cartridge is not leaking.

  • Maintaining healthy ink levels are great for the print quality. It can be monitored by checking the control panel of the printer.

  • A warning sign is displayed when the printer is running low on ink. A stand by cartridge is advised.

  • The cartridge can still print when it is low on ink. However, it is not sure as to when it might run out of ink.

  • Subscribe to Instant Ink to have the new cartridges door delivered automatically when your 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 4652 printer is running low on ink.