123hpdrivers.com/officejet 6962 Setup and Install

Increase the productivity of the workplace with the Officejet 6962 printer. 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 is a multi-functional printer which is capable of printing, scanning, faxing and copying. Print and scan the multiple pages documents using the Automatic Document Feeder Tray. Connect the printer to a network either using a Wired or Wireless connection. It is best suitable for small office workgroups.

123 HP Officejet 6962 Setup And Unboxing

  • Unbox the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 printer by removing the tape on the top of it. Take out all contents in the box and keep them aside.

  • Place the printer on a flat surface to prevent the printer issue. Discard all the packing materials in the printer’s surroundings.

  • Use the power cable to make the connection process. Plug in one end of the cable to the printer’s rear and the other end to the wall socket.

  • Turn on the printer by pressing the Power button. Feed plain sheets of paper into the input tray. Adjust the papers using the paper-width guides.

  • Install the new ink cartridges into their respective slots. After the installation, try to print an alignment page for obtaining quality printouts.

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Latest 123 HP Officejet 6962 Driver And Manual Download

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123 HP Setup 6962 User Guide

  • The user guide contains all the necessary details regarding the printer. Use the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 instructions to start the setup process.

  • You can also use the troubleshooting steps to solve the printer issues. Click the link below to download the user manual.


123 HP Setup 6962 Windows

  • A Driver is necessary for a 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 printer and the system .It acts as an interface between the system and the printer.

  • For a Windows system, click the link below to get the updated driver which includes all the latest features.


123 HP Setup 6962 Mac

  • While downloading the driver, ensure that the driver is compatible with the printer model and version of the operating system.

  • Make sure that you do not turn off the system .Click the link below to download the updated driver for a Mac system.

123 HP Officejet 6962 Driver Installation

123 HP Setup 6962 Windows

  • Locate the software installation CD in the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 printer’s shipment box. In case there is the CD, place it on the computer’s disc drive.

  • Wait till the system displays the list of files in the CD. Select the setup file from the list. Double-click on it to begin the installation process.

  • In case the installation process ends in the middle of the process, download and install the printer driver from our website.

  • Type the required details in the search tabs. Click the link provided on our website to download the driver.

  • After the download process, double-click the .exe setup in the Downloads folder to start the installation process. Based on the on-screen prompts, complete it.

123 HP Setup 6962


  • Utilize the software installation in the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 printer’s shipment box. Place the CD on the system’s disc drive.Wait for the system to display the list of files in CD.

  • Choose the setup file from the list. For a Mac system, the setup file is in .dmg format. Double-click on it to begin the installation process.

  • In case you have lost the CD, download the driver from our website. Ensure that the driver is compatible with the printer model and version of the OS.

  • Click the link provided on our website. Once you click the link, the driver gets downloaded automatically.

  • After the download process, install the driver based on the on-screen prompts. Include the printer’s name by clicking the Add option. Try to print from the printer.

123 HP Officejet 6962 Wireless Setup

123 HP Setup 6962 Windows

  • Procure the network name and password for the connection process. Keep a note that the credentials are case-sensitive.

  • Both the system and the printer should be connected to the same wireless network. Move both devices close to a wireless router.

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer.

  • Try to connect the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 printer to a wireless network manually using the Wireless Setup Wizard method.

  • View the list of available devices on the screen. Select your network name from the list. Type the password when the system prompts.

  • Wait for a while for the printer to establish the wireless connection. Stable wireless light indicates an established connection.

123 HP Setup6962


  • Organize the network name and password before starting the wireless connection. Both the credentials are case -sensitive.

  • Connect the printer and the system to the same wireless network. Both the devices should be moved closer to a wireless router.

  • This is done to attain the maximum signal strength. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer when the system prompts.

  • Use the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 Wireless Setup Wizard method to display the available wireless network names in the surrounding.

  • Click your network name and type the password manually. After a while, you can see the printer’s name in the available list which indicates an established connection.

HP Printer Provide Solution For Officejet 6962?

123 HP officejet 6962

How To Print Photos (Windows)

  • Insert photo papers into the input tray. It is suggested to use compatible photo papers for obtaining quality printouts,

  • According to the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 printer type, insert the photo edge into the tray. Make use of the paper-width guides to align the papers.

  • Prior to printing, edit the photo to increase colors, brightness, contrast using the photo editing tools in the system.

  • Open the photo you intend to print. On the application, select File-> Print. On the Document Properties screen, make changes in the print settings.

  • Select OK and then press Print to start the printing process. Get the printed photo on the output tray.

123 HP officejet 6962

How To Scan (Windows)

  • Scanning is done using the compatible scan apps in the system. Place the original document with the printed side down on the scanner glass.

  • In case the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 printer has an Automatic Document Feeder, use the tray to scan multiple pages documents at a time.

  • Press the Scan button to start the scanning process. In case the scan button is not available, use the scan app in the system.

  • On the home screen of the app, click the Scan button. Make the necessary changes in the scan settings.

  • Once you are done with the settings, click the Scan button to start the scanning process. The scanned file gets stored in the destination folder.

123 HP officejet 6962

How To Print On Both Sides Of The Paper (Windows)

  • Insert enough number of sheets into the input tray. Get the papers aligned with the help of the paper-width guides.

  • Open the document you intend to print. Press File-> Print. Choose your printer’s name from the list of available devices.

  • On the 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 Printer Properties screen, select the Layout option. Enable the Print on both sides option . Based on the readability, select Flipping or Binding option.

  • Select OK-> Print. After taking out the printed sheet from the input tray, place the paper back into the tray with the printed side downwards.

  • Select Continue to start the printing process again. This method helps to save paper and paper cost.

123 HP officejet 6962

How To Check Ink Or Toner Levels

  • Switch on the OfficeJet 6962 printer. Examine whether the printer is connected to the system and it is in the ready state.

  • Use the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool compatible with the Windows system to examine the ink levels.

  • On the Mac system, select the Apple icon. Click System Preferences-> Printers and Scanners. Choose the printer’s name.

  • Click Options & Supplies-> Supply level to view the ink level . You can also see the ink level icon on the control panel.

  • Install the HP Smart app on your mobile phone to examine the ink level on-the-go. The ink level is displayed on the home screen. For more 123hpdrivers.com/OfficeJet 6962 Queries, Contact our technical team.