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Frequently Asked Questions That Having The Same Answer For HP Printer Color Not Printing Issues

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

1. Why is My HP printer color not printing in the paper?

When your HP Printer color is not printing in the paper, it doesn’t mean that your printer stopped working. It could be that you don’t get a printed out, whether as black and white or color.

The best thing to find a solution to this issue is to use good quality HP cartridges and no duplicate ones. It fixes the issue to a greater extend. The print head needs to be cleaned properly.

If the cartridge is empty or damaged, better to replace them and see if printing is coming proper. If you have an immediate printing requirement and not much concerned about the quality of the print, then it is also possible to consider printing in backup mode.

2. Why is my HP wireless printer not printing color?

There could be a variety of reasons for your HP wireless printer, not printing color. Check to see if the printer driver is correct. If you are unsure about how to check your printer driver, Google search your printer model number with the word ‘driver’. Another idea to find drivers is to check the HP support page.

The first step is to check whether the color settings in your printer is ON. Also, make sure the right driver is used for the color printer. Before you print a report, check print dialog to see if the settings are correct.

Second Step to resolve the issue is to try another program like Paint to print in color. In case, the printer still doesn’t give any color print, then your printer is in an error or possibly the color ink is empty to give the correct printing. 

3. How to print color from your HP Office-jet printer if not printing in color?

Step 1: If you are using Windows, then the first step is to make the print driver reinstalled. 

Step 2: Another solution is to avoid any duplicate or low-quality cartridges. Instead, use only genuine ones.

Step 3: The next step is to see if the ink is smearing behind the printouts.

Step 4: Using the right size paper and inserting it properly would sometimes solve the issue.

Step 5: You can also see if the print settings are fixed correctly and no errors. 

Step 6: You may not get color printing also when the ink levels are low. So, check ink levels and replace them if needed.

Step 7: If found empty or low ink cartridges, replace them and take a new print out to see if coming properly.

Step 8: To check the output, you can try to print the Print Quality Diagnostic report from the printer’s control panel.

Step 9: When the control panel of your printer is cleaned, it can rectify the issue and gives a better print quality.

Step 10: While taking the Print Quality Diagnostic report, check whether the green color blocks and alignment lines have come perfectly or not. If there are dark or white lines making gaps in between, then the issue is still to be resolved.

Step 11: To get the perfect ink quality, you need to align the ink cartridges by adjusting the printer control panel.

Step 12: Manual cleaning near the ink nozzles is a good idea to fix the issue. 

Step 13: If you find any ink cartridge damaged through the Print Quality Diagnostic report, and then it is wise to change the defective ink cartridge if the above steps didn’t work out to rectify the problem. 

In case, still, your HP Office-jet printer is not printing in color, give the printer for servicing.

4. Why is my printer not printing true color Office-jet 6700 HP?

If your Office-jet 6700 HP printer is not printing true color, initially you can follow some simple steps for making it proper, first, you can uninstall and then reinstall the driver.

If the issues still persist, it would be ideal to check your cartridge quality or toner issue. When there are no ink smears on the print out the backside, the issue is fixed or else, you need to check what else the exact problems is.

If you don’t have the technical knowledge and still the problem of not printing true color exists, then it is advisable to service your printer. 

5. Why is HP 6830 Office-jet 4650 series wireless printer not printing color?

If you are confused about why your HP 6830 Office-jet 4650 series wireless printer not printing color, then don’t worry, you can resolve the matter by changing the driver. Below are the steps to use an alternative driver:

  • Go to windows and select control panel option an open it, click on Devices and Printers

  • Right-click on HP Office-jet 4650 in devices and printers folder and left click on Printer properties.

  • Select the advance tab

  • A new Driver window opens, click on Next. You can see the types of printers listed on the right side and manufacturer on left.

  • Choose your printer manufacturer by clicking on the left options.

  • Click on ‘Windows Update’, if your printer model is not shown and when the update is completed, choose the HP model of your printer.

  • Once the HP model is selected, hit the next button to finish the setup of New Driver Wizard. 

  • Click on ‘Apply’ under your printer properties and do not click OK

  • Go to General tab and rename your printer again as ‘HP Office-jet 4650’

  • Click OK

6. Why is my HP Printer Printing in color and my black and white looks yellow?

If your ink cartridge has gotten over the cyan option, then it can happen. Otherwise, if the print head is jam and thereby it is not touching the nozzle, then yellow and magenta color will be printed with a reddish or yellow color. So, rectifying these issues can make the printing well either in your preferred black and white or color prints.

7. Why HP Desk-jet f4140 printer not printing color correctly? 

Why HP Desk-jet F4140 printer not printing color correctly, follows the below steps to solve the issue:

  1. See if there is an issue with ink levels

  2. Print a test report to check the exact issue

  3. Note which cartridge is printed on which part of the page. This gives you an idea about the issues in the cartridges.

  4. Identify the defects

  5. If no defects identified on the test page, then cartridges are perfectly working. 

  6. Hope this will work to fix ‘HP printer color text not printing’

8. Why is the magenta color not printing on my HP Printer?

If you see magenta color is not printing, Fix it by opening the printer lid, and change the tanks of cartridges. Remove the print head and again put it back to the printer and keep ink tanks. Clean it, check nozzles, take the test page, and see if the error is still there.

9. Why HP printer not printing color correctly?

Try out the below ways:

  • Ensure in the printer software, Black/Gray-scale is not active

  • For a clogged print head nozzle, do a thorough cleaning

  • In the printer software, activate color management options

10. Why is my HP Printer Printing one Specific Color Only?

This problem can happen when the ink cartridge has low inks for the other color. So, you can change the old cartridge with a new one. In case all ink levels are good, then try cleaning the print head nozzles. 

Conclusion: – 

The answer for your question of “Why my  HP printer is not printing color on paper” has been provided with solution in this article. . Now, you have understood the most common reasons for this issue. Hence make sure you check and implement all the solutions step by step to solve your problem of ‘why my HP printer color not printing’ error.  Moreover this writeup should be able to assist you in solving your printer error but still if you fell any complications then feel free to contact us on our helpline number provided on screen. 

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